Why does Enzaime recommend Elementor for a doctor website?

Doctor website with elementor, Drag & Drop Medical website

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Okay, suppose you are an engineer. Or an accountant.

Let us ask you a question. What if you were told to calculate all your math problems using only your mind or pen and paper for that matter? It would not only be absurd but also very inefficient. Why should you use pen and paper when you can use a calculator or a computer, right?

Or what would you do if you were a doctor or any person related to the healthcare system and told to do your job without any tools just by looking at your patients? You can not use the microscope to detect the germs.Would that not be irrational?

Yes, we agree with you. Why use manual labor when you can go automatic?

Go automatic with Elementor!

What if we ask you the same question about websites? Only this time you will hesitate and think that this is the job of a web developer. It requires coding and it would be awesome if it was not the case. Won’t you?

Our answer is, ‘not necessarily’. With the miracle of modern technology, it is now completely possible to create a website without having to write a single line of code. If you know what a Content Management System (CMS) is then you must know about WordPress and what it does. Even though it was used as a blogging platform primarily, it has gone so many miles since then and now it can be used to create any kind of website that you can think of.

It was possible because of its flexibility towards expansion. Expansion, in this case means features of a website. You can add any feature using just two simple tools called Plugin and Widget. It can be as simple as just changing the fonts of the website to as complex as changing the core structures. The length you can go with these is astonishing.

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a plugin just like that, only this plugin can build and design any page of your wordpress website in whatever way you want. Remember in the Ironman movies, how Tony Stark drag and drop gadgets and creates things out of them? Well, Elementor is kinda like that. You choose the feature, drag it and drop anywhere you like and voila! It is installed and implemented. It is that simple. No coding required, thank you.

Elementor is awesome! The range of features and gadgets that Elementor provides is unbelievable. It is a one-stop solution for website creation.

At Enzaime we always try our clients to experience the power of Elementor by integrating the plugin with all the wordpress premium themes that we currently provide. There are two main reasons that we do so:

First, our clients are doctors who are not familiar with coding. So, we do not want them to struggle with the codes and suffer with something which is not their responsibility.

Second, because Elementor is awesome! The range of features and gadgets that Elementor provides is unbelievable. It is a one-stop solution for website creation.

Let’s see the list of ever-expanding features that Elementor provides:

  • Template Library
  • Mobile Editing
  • Video Lightbox
  • Video, Button
  • Image Box
  • Testimonials
  • Image Gallery
  • Image Carousel
  • Google Maps
  • Slides
  • Price Table
  • Price List
  • Share Buttons
  • Scrolling Effects
  • Popup Builder and many more.

The most awesome thing is Elementor is always updating. Till date Elementor has been downloaded more than 51 million times! It has more than 4 million active installations. The number speaks the truth.

Active Install Growth

If you look at the active install growth of Elementor having been installed for more than 4 million times, it is very good. Actually, it is awesome.

Buildwith data shows that only in the USA, Elementor is installed in more than 1 million websites and 2.43% of the world’s top 1 million sites are using Elementor as of right now.

Apart from all the features, Elementor comes with a pre-built template library, animation and query management which make it easy as water to design and create any web page.

How to use Elementor?

The installation process is all the same as any other plugin for wordpress. Moreover, Elementor comes installed with all the Enzaime’s package. Our clients do not have to think about that. But if you want to know how to install Elementor or any plugin for that matter see weDevs tutorial for that.

For a medical website, how to create and design a website page using Elementor see any of the tutorials in the Enzaime’s documentation section here. You will find page creation using Elementor in great detail.

Why is Elementor a must for a doctor website?

Nowadays it has become essential to have a personal website for any professional field। As healthcare is a basic human need, it is an absolute necessity for doctors to have a website. But doctors are not programmers. Coding is not their area of expertise and it is not their job either.

To maintain a medical website is a huge task. One needs to hire or keep a permanent support to design or solve any technical errors, update it regularly.

Enzaime wanted to give our doctors the opportunity to maintain their personal website on their own with Elementor without any outside help. But in case of any necessity Enzaime will always be there to help.   

As mentioned earlier, Elementor is a tool which enables users to design and create web pages without writing a single line of code. The user has to drag any feature they like and drop it where they want. This feature makes the whole process a lot easier.

People want simplicity while being sophisticated. Elementor page builder gives just that. There is no space for wasting time in this busy world and Elementor ensures that you don’t have to. 

Enzaime, partnering with Elementor has made sure that our clients can do anything with their website’s design with maximum ease while being performance friendly and sophisticated. Enzaime welcomes our clients to a coding free world.

Enzaime is providing interactive doctor’s web solutions with premium themes, plugins & widgets.  Don’t miss the chance to ease your virtual presence. 

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