Why Doctors Need a Personal Website?

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For a Doctor, the necessity of a personal website is undeniable

Throughout history, the doctors-population ratio is always inadequate. Expert doctors and their practice time are inadequate also. Searching for a preferred expertise without a doctor website has been a challenge like searching for diamonds in the coal mine of Africa! No matter how hard it is to believe, it is true. But the situation is changing. The Internet has become the holy grail of literally everything. And a website is the gateway to that realm.

Those days are gone when a patient searches for doctors through a phone book or collects visiting cards from social communities. In the era of technology, a website is no longer just a hobby anymore. It is a lot more than that. Especially a doctor’s website which contains many patients confidential information on it. It has become the one thing that no one can seem to go without.

You don’t have to believe my word.

See what Doctor.com found out from a survey conducted in 2018,

80% (of patients) have used the internet to make a healthcare-related search in the past year.

We think, to utilize the power of the internet each and every doctor must have a website.

But, Can a Personal Website of a Doctor Make any Difference?

Service providing trends have changed in the recent years. People of most ages now depend on the internet for information. Everyone prefers a doctor’s website with a strong online presence.

Doctor.com’s survey also says,

63% of respondents will choose one service provider over another because of a strong online presence

So to answer the question as to whether a personal website of a doctor makes any difference, our answer is Yes, it can.

Reasons for a Doctor’s Personal Website

A medical professional’s website can influence doctors practice in numerous ways. Impact of a professional doctors website can be:

  1. Make people aware of doctor’s specialty and services
  2. Provides accurate medical information for the patients
  3. Creates trustworthiness and credibility among patients
  4. Saves precious time to concentrate on other activities
  5. Help Doctors to serve more patients 

Now let’s see a brief detail about how a website can actually help doctors in reality.

Now let’s see a brief detail about how a website can actually help doctors in reality.

Make People Aware of Doctor’s Specialty and Services

Medicare service providers are always special to every patient. When a help seeker searches for a doctor online, the first thing they search is the detailed information about their professional specialties.
Professional medical websites that provide detailed information about a doctor’s services and expertise help patients get their targeted information. This information helps potential patients to realize how they can get benefited by visiting that specific doctor.

Provides Accurate Information about Doctors

88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.

Misleading information creates confusion on help seekers’ mind. These information mostly gets spread by unauthenticated sources. It demotivates a patient about treatments, even about the whole system!

That’s why providing accurate and expert information on a virtual platform is a must. Creating and sharing authentic content about different diseases, symptoms and awareness on a doctor’s website helps medical practitioners to make more people aware about their presence and also help them obtain targeted patients.

Creates Trustworthiness and Credibility Among Patients

Health service translates into trustworthiness and credibility. When a doctor’s website provides both, patients become automatically triggered to get service from that doctor.

Information like doctor’s credentials, educational background, institutions they served help patients build trust in a doctor. A medical professional website can easily showcase all of it just the way doctors want them to. Writing blogs on the website also increases the chance to become trusted by patients and also by the search engines.

Save Precious Time to Concentrate on other Activities

In most cases, doctors need personal assistance to do practice related works, where an employee of a doctor spends a large amount of time to complete administrative works like informing patients about insurance-related matters, appointments and payment related works. A website can do it more precisely, efficiently and in less amount of charge.

44% of website visitors will leave a company’s website if there’s no contact information or phone number

Source: KoMarketing Associates, LLC.

Simply creating a contact page on the personal doctor website can solve location and contact details issues. Documentation on accepted insurance providers, practice hours, specific service details also save lots of time for a doctor. Online appointments and payment systems on a doctor’s website can save time and generate reports on demand. To monitor personal growth this feature helps a lot.

Help Doctors to Serve more Patients

The internet has built a world where medical service providers and service seekers can stay in touch from all around the world through a professional medical website. Live chat, email inquiry, online-based treatments everything becomes possible because of a doctor website.
Doctors’ personal websites help their patients to locate the practice, communicate with that practitioner, get desired service and ensure they get in touch with reliable doctors.

According to NRC Health,

59.9% patients say they’ve selected a doctor based on positive reviews, and nearly 60.8% of patients say they’ve avoided doctors based on negative reviews.

A medical website that shares patients reviews and success stories can get benefited in many ways. It helps new patients to get the decision. Engage more people about that specific doctor, search engine analytics take it positively which helps the website to get better ranking on organic search.

Doctors are passionate about serving people. A professional medical website can break the boundaries of location or time for a doctor to help more help seekers from all around the world.

Doubt may come to the mind that creating or maintaining a personal medical website might be a hassle. But the reality is, creating and maintaining websites, specially WordPress based ones, are so simple that doctors can create their own personal website within minutes.

Healthtech organizations like Enzaime provide all kinds of support to doctors and healthcare personnel to establish and maintain their own medical professional website along with social media marketing and search engine optimization. Maintaining websites for doctors were never easier.

So, as a doctor, what will be your next step?

Enzaime is providing interactive doctor’s web solutions with premium themes, plugins & widgets.  Don’t miss the chance to ease your virtual presence. 

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