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Enzaime for Doctor website by wordpress

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What Makes Enzaime Special for Doctor’s Web Service

In this digital era, websites are the best way to create digital identities and generate potential leads. Personal websites are designed to reflect its owner’s portfolio, and thoughts virtually. For individuals providing any service, a personal website is essential to raise awareness among service seekers. Medical service providers, especially doctors who provide life-saving support to others ought to have their own websites otherwise, they are virtually non-existent and near impossible to find for potential patients.

Whether you have already created a website or are thinking of making your own, this blog is going to help you.

Enzaime is focused entirely on providing website development and maintenance support for doctors. All our services are designed to provide comprehensive assistance for doctors. Those who already have a website can migrate to Enzaime and enjoy our premium services. Web developers can enjoy our offers as well and utilise advanced creation and support tools for clients using our platform.

Without further ado, let’s explore possibilities, expand horizons and see why you should choose Enzaime as your digital partner.

Enzaime wordpress website building for Doctor

Make Your Website Instantly

Nowadays virtual presence is imperative in any professional field. Having a website of one’s own is practical and beneficial to both the service providers and service seekers. It is the same for doctors as well. A personal website not only provides a visual platform and presence, but also opens avenues to build trustworthiness, reliability and credibility. The dedication and focus with which doctors do their work, leaves no time for any other kinds of engagement, they are busy saving lives. However it is also crucial for them to have this digital presence.

Creating static, HTML or custom-built dynamic websites need programming skills. Resources such as time, money and even the sophistication required to make something eye catching, substantial and efficient as a website can be very limited.

This is where Enzaime comes to the rescue! We offer websites with premium themes and plugins that can be created within minutes with just a few clicks. These highly customizable themes and plugins ensure that one doesn’t need to be a programmer to create their own website.

WordPress based websites are growing drastically. According to the Forbes,

There are currently over 75 million sites that use WordPress as a platform.

By following and clicking on some simple instructions, Doctor’s can build their own websites easily. If you already have a website, then you can transfer your data quickly into our customizable templates, created carefully with your needs in mind, with ease. Or you can redesign your entire website with different and new content envisioned with a more accessible approach. Enzaime provides domain and secured hosting with its packages which makes the total process hassle-free and time-efficient.

Websites powered by WordPress are growing exponentially. Over 30% of the total website worldwide use WordPress. The growth rate of WordPress based websites is remarkable.

Enzaime wordpress based website for doctor
According to w3tech, Historical yearly trends in the usage statistics of content management systems shows the growth performance of WordPress in last 10 years.

Let Your Investment Work for You

From a neutral perspective, creating a website depends on a combination of services to merge together such as:  Domain registration, Hosting service, Website Interface creation, making it responsive to all devices, are just but a few of the initial steps . Then comes content development, updating data, connecting necessary features and many more. Furthermore, ensuring security and maintaining the website are also included in that long to-do list.  

Most of the time developers offer this support to their clients in separate packages or in a complicated  method. Sometimes continuation of the services cost way more than creating the website. Doctors who already have  personal websites can instantly relate to these recurring issues. In other situations, providers cannot deliver all the facilities properly.

Enzaime offers these essential facilities with 100% transparency with regards to  pricing. There are no hidden costs and no promises which Enzaime cannot keep. It is a fact  worldwide that WordPress based custom websites are always budget-friendly. Similarly, Enzaime handles all the heavy-duty work while a Doctor enjoys the benefits of a  functional website at the promised price.

(Source: W3Techs)

Because of cost-effectiveness, WordPress websites are getting popular. The chart below shows that 35% of the websites on the internet are powered by WordPress.

Doctors are one of society’s biggests assets. The service they provide– which is saving lives, is priceless and invaluable. . Enzaime, recognises this and values the service and effort doctors put in professionally.  Enzaime believes that doctors should have a more visible and easily accessible virtual presence and has the know-how to make all of that possible while keeping costs at a minimum.

Empowering You to Create and Maintain a Secure Website

Every website is unique and  every owner deserves full protection for their website.  A doctor’s website has a lot of confidential and sensitive information such as patient history, transaction history, credit card information etc, which is always vulnerable to security threats. For this reason, it is crucial that doctors and patients feel safe while visiting and using these secure websites.

There are myths that only custom-built websites are secure and others are not. This rumor is groundless. Most of the website developers offer a highly decorative website but do not mention clearly about the security they  provide.That makes the whole website vulnerable to the risk of cyber threats. Even a small malfunction can potentially damage the entire website as a whole .

Enzaime wordpress based website for medical practitioner

Enzaime has a solution for these issues. . While Doctors ensure health security to all their patients, Enzaime guarantees digital   security for the Doctors web presence.. Enzaime uses SSL Certification to ensure security for client’s websites. Additionally they provide various security-related facilities for a Doctor’s website which includes:

  • Protected Firewall.
  • Regular file and malware scans with ongoing site monitoring management.
  • Protection against threatening sites by Blacklist monitoring.
  • Instant email notification of suspicious activity.
  • Authentication protocols for website users in different roles.
  • Website and file backups for protection against attacks, outages, and other events.

Have Full Control over Your Website with the Most Popular Content Management System (CMS) WordPress

To create an overwhelming  presence on the internet, informative and engaging content is imperative. . People yearn for accurate and actionable information. The amount of engaged web visitors is crucial for any website and great content can increase this  number dramatically. 

A Doctor’s personal website showcases his/her complete biography. Their accolades, specialty, work history, vision, method of treatment, reviews from patients and a lot more. All this  information is managed through a CMS or content management system– WordPress, the most popular CMS out there.

Static websites are usually created permanently and it is almost impossible to edit the contents of those websites by a Doctor.Without HTML and CSS coding knowledge, it will be a nightmare for a Doctor to edit any content on their website on their own. Even in  many custom-built dynamic websites, the process to change any content is so complicated that a busy doctor will find it cumbersome to  manage.

Content is key, if not king. ! It is the heart of any website. It includes images, documents, blogs, videos and more. These aspects of one’s webpage need to be updated and upgraded from time to time Doctors who  already have websites but are suffering with regards to inprovingand updating content, worry no further! Enzaime is the solution for you!

Enzaime uses the most popular Content Management System (CMS), WordPress. It gives the website owner total access to edit any content displayed on their website. As our service is focused on professional doctors or any healthcare provider, WordPress CMS makes it simple to create and update any content on their website anytime and from anywhere.

Enzaime’s websites will come with pre-installed WordPress. The flexibility and simplicity has  made it 12 times more popular than any other content management system (CMS). 

Enhance the Resilience of Your Website

Usually, web service providers offer a set, usually backdated  range of features to their clients. As a result the client has limited options to choose from.  New innovative options or trendy features cannot be implemented into those custom-built websites without it  costing you a fortune. This makes the experience complex and costly. 

A Doctor’s website needs to have the flexibility to add features whenever necessary. All the doctors might not need the same features and they should not be forced to take features that they don’t need.

Enzaime offers a compact and efficient set of features which includes premium themes, full access to import and modify all contents of the website, Patient Appointment Management system, Payment collection system, Email, SMS notification system, Reliable security and many more. Additionally , Enzaime’s offers are designed in a way where our clients can get separate features if and when required. New features are  trendy and sometimes old features need upgrading, therefore flexibility to install or upgrade plugins whenever necessary, immensely helps out website owners.

Make a Mobile-Friendly Responsive Website

With the evolution of portable electronic devices, mobile devices have become  the primary internet browsing devices for general users. In today’s world, searching and collecting information using  smartphones and tablets have become a frequent activity. To remain in competition websites, have to be responsive to all internet usable devices. Healthcare service-related websites must have this option and be versatile as patients might access the internet only from a mobile or a tab. 

Static websites which are based on HTML and CSS, have to create a separate version of the website for smartphones and tablets, though bootstrap, this makes it easier but, as we mentioned earlier, you need to have coding skills to do that. Different website service providers also offer responsive websites separately with an added charge. It doesn’t make it expensive only but also makes the whole system complicated.

Enzaime’s primary focus is to create a reliable website for Doctors. Enzaime offers websites that are fully responsive and supports all mobile platforms and screen sizes. All of our custom-built premium themes come  pre-optimized for mobile screens. 

Easy SEO Implementation

Optimizing HTML websites is way more difficult than optimizing a CMS. There are many sophisticated yet easy plugins available in the market which make this task easier. Enzaime uses professional modifications and plugins to solve this issue for Doctors. Our offered service includes facilities like Organic Search Engine Optimization, Social media management and marketing, E-mail marketing and other facilities to ensure the client’s website has priority on search results. 

More and more  businesses and service providers are getting interested in this platform. From Kinsta’s report, we can see that, more than 38.03% of the world’s most popular 10000 websites use WordPress to create websites.

Doctors who already have published their website online know the importance of this. But due to inefficient service from the providers, your website may not get the required attention it deserves. Enzaime offers Doctors to unite and join forces in the journey to create their own personal websites together. Your sophisticated yet simple, time and cost-effective website is just a few clicks away.

Enzaime is providing interactive doctor’s web solutions with premium themes, plugins & widgets.  Don’t miss the chance to ease your virtual presence. 

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