Top Reasons for which a Doctor website can Fail and Methods to avoid them

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Find the reasons why a medical practice website can fail and chose the way to avoid

Like real-world patients, a website can also be diseased. In reality, it’s common to see a person looking healthy from outside diagnosed with critical health issues. These can happen to a website too.

Websites that provide online services often face issues like that. As people are sensitive about health-related issues, the chance of medical website failure is even higher.

Doctor website can fail for many reasons that normal eyes can not detect. That’s why specialized web builders like Enzaime design their healthcare website with the expertise to ensure perfect quality. To create a successful website in the healthcare industry you have to know about patient demands. As an example, the below image represents the services that Singaporean patients request most.

To create a successful website collaboration between the doctor and expert team is necessary. But first, we have to know why doctor websites fails to reach its height.  

Common Causes of Medical Website Failure

Clumsy Designing

Research Gate brings out the reality that is hindering the third wave digitalization of healthcare.

94% of negative website feedback are design related

Healthcare websites that shine from outside but blank from inside can never become a successful website. Using too many bright colors on a medical website theme, using inappropriate font color and size, wrong or no placement of header, absence of a proper site map etc can be the initial reasons for doctor websites failure.  

Misleading and Irrelevant Information

The Internet world is already saturated with too much information. When a patient lands on any doctor website, they wish to find the exact information in a moment. When they didn’t get it they moved to the next medical website. Authentic but full of irrelevant information doctor websites fail just as misleading or expired information provider healthcare websites. Losing targeted audiences can be a vital reason for the failure of doctor websites.  

Insufficient use of “Call-to-Action” Button

More than 90% of visitors who read your headline also read your CTA copy.

Delhi School of Internet Marketing

Including CTA or call to action buttons is the fundamental thing to make your healthcare website a top one. When patients visit doctor websites in most cases to learn more about treatments, booking, payment or to contact they search for CTA. Doctor websites that don’t include CTA or place them in wrong places lose patient’s interest and ultimately fail to become a successful website.

Lack of Patient-oriented Facilities and Security

Medical websites’ prime goal is to serve patients via the internet. Doctor websites that do not have patient-oriented services, get no response from patients.

Another reason for healthcare website failure can be the lack of security provided on patient information. No one wishes to take service from a medical website that can not ensure data privacy.

Slow and Non-Responsive website

Patients are always in a hurry to find healthcare solutions. They also want doctor websites that are accessible from all handheld devices. Medical websites that don’t have responsiveness or fall sort to load within a few seconds can fail to attract patients through it. Both of these factors can drop down a successful website also if they are not taking care of regularly.

Absence of SEO Integration

Patients usually search for health related information with specific keywords. Doctor websites that do not integrate proper keywords, metatags, backlinks or any SEO related stuff will fail for sure. Healthcare websites that do not get a frequent update get rejected by the search engine as well as the audience.  

Just as doctors come with solutions after proper diagnosis of diseases, expert web builder organizations bring solutions to this failure disease of doctor websites. Let’s have a quick look at some of these solutions.

Ways of Avoiding Failure and Make Your Medical website a Successful One

Enzaime for Doctor website wordpress
Enzaime for Doctor website
Provide detailed information to Create Trust Among Help Seekers

A successful website needs to deliver exactly what they promise to deliver. So doctor websites have to provide all the necessary data like detailed biography, work and education-related documentations, Offered services, Payment and Insurance related information clearly.

Highlighting and organizing these things may seem a little difficult for a medical practitioner like you who remains busy with their work all the time. Because without proper expertise it’s hard to decide which information should be highlighted and where to put them. Well, you don’t have to worry because Enzaime is here with the solution for it. We will arrange your website just as you wish with premium doctor website solution. 

Make Your Healthcare Website Faster and More User-Friendly

Patients and search engines both remain satisfied when doctor websites remain fast on loading and easy to use. WordPress based websites are always designed to remain faster and custom-built premium themes ensure the simple but engaging interface. Enzaime offers both of them so that your medical website gets the initial boost to rise to the top faster. We use our years of experience and exclusive resources to create successful websites for all of our clients.

Create a Fully Responsive and Highly Secured Doctor’s Website

Enzaime for Doctor website

Mobile Responsiveness of the medical website becomes a top priority now. A patient gets more satisfied with a responsive healthcare website as they can access it from anywhere anytime. Enzaimes all websites are programmed to be responsive in all handheld devices. Enzaime’s website owners can even control their doctor websites with their smartphones.

In 2020, there will be 221 million mobile phone search users in the US.

99Farms- SEO Statistics

A medical website that ensures patient’s data privacy and security gets more hits than a site without security. Enzaime provides SSL certified and uses HIPPA compliant cloud server to build every website. Other security elements like Two-factor authentication, Sucuri security, Vulnerability updates and more are used by Enzaime to make successful websites for all of its clients.

Design Doctor Website Dedicated for Patients and Inspire them to Share their thoughts

A patient-facing healthcare website must include features like appropriate patient form, online appointment, payment facility etc. All the successful websites in the medical sector are including them. Enzaimes all paid packages have these features pre-installed for you.

People often believe in other customer ratings and reviews rather than other sorts of recommendations. When a medical website provides these options patients get more convinced. Enzaimes developer team designs each of our client sites with the facility of rating and review.  

Set a Proper SEO and Marketing Policy to Reach more Patients

Search engine optimization is the key to establish a successful website in the medical sector.  A healthcare website has to be on top of the organic search continuously to draw more patients. Enzaim’s SEO team helps all of its clients to prepare SEO friendly content, relevant keywords and meta tags and much more as per their demand.

61% of industry leaders say improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority.

Stats from Impact

Enzaime created doctor websites are designed in a way that contents from these sites can be sharable to all platforms of social media. Enzaime support team helps its clients with social media marketing too.

Most of the website creating organizations design their websites to support all kinds of service providers. But Enzaime is a web solution provider that is fully dedicated to create and maintain websites for doctors and all the other healthcare-related practitioners only. That’s what makes Enzaime special as a web builder for medical industry.

Now as you get a clear idea about why doctor websites usually fail and how to avoid it. It’s time to decide which type of medical website you will choose for yourself. If you are interested in creating a doctor’s website you can try it now.

Enzaime is providing interactive doctor’s web solutions with premium themes, plugins & widgets.  Don’t miss the chance to ease your virtual presence. 

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