This is what Enzaime is doing for doctors and medical professionals amid the COVID-19 pandemic


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Coronavirus! COVID-19!

Within just 3 months, from a single death in China, the world is facing a global challenge right now. A global epidemic is upon us. All the countries around the world have been affected. The death toll is high. And all the researches done so far on it do not contain anything positive. “United we stand, divided we fall” is not working anymore. It has become “Divided we stand, united we fall”. The only step that we are being told to take to survive right now is to stay isolated.

Stay home!

Countries that are somewhat successful to achieve just that are the countries which have less mortality rate compared to others.

People are instructed to stay home no matter how sick they are.  Our healthcare system is on the brink of collapse. Because the surge capacity, the number of patients that a hospital can manage is not enough, is not capable of dealing with any situation like this. The number of patients is disproportionate to that of the surge capacity of any given hospital in the world right now. The panic among the people is extreme.

And rightly so. The last time that the world has experienced such a phenomenon was more than a hundred years ago.

Despite continuous updates regarding the situation from organizations like WHO, UN, CDC etc. people are unaware most of the time.

Time like this feeds rumors.

The lack of proper information creates a void where false information is born. And unbeknown to us, false information is spreading.

For example, rumor was spread that people need to drink a lot of water because if the virus is on your mouth the water will wash it to your stomach and the acid there will kill it. Again, not factual but people believed it.

Corona Rumor Doctor website
Source: BuzzFeed News

Another a rumor was spread and unfortunately it is still believed somehow that higher temperature is likely to slow the spread of COVID-19. Not factual but people believed it. 

Whatever the reasons are, people right now seem to believe the information found on social media than those from the credible news sources. 

Not UN, not WHO, not CDC have ever told us that COVID-19 has any relation with temperature or acid found in the stomach is capable or killing it. But the reality is this misinformation has spread like wildfire.

We at Enzaime, think that this kind of situation develops because our honorable doctors have not that much social media presence. They don’t write much as we people do. 

Had all the doctors been active on social media, had they all maintained personal blog writing about conditions they are expert of, this misinformation could not stand. People would disregard these.

Enzaime believes misinformation is dangerous. It is killing people right now. That individual who believes that higher temperatures like 25-35 degree Celsius can kill the virus or stop or even slow the spread of COVID-19 will move freely. Without him knowing, he will be infected and, in the process, will infect many others. Many lives will cease to exists just because of a misinformation. What a waste of life!

Doctors are the soldiers who are fighting the war against COVID-19 for us.

Enzaime thinks it is still “United we stand, divided we fall” not “Divided we stand, united we fall”. We need collaborative moves to deal with the current situation. 

Having that in mind Enzaime thinks whatever it has on its arsenal can arm our doctors. After all they are the soldiers who are fighting this war against COVID-19 for us and Enzaime wants to be a part of this noble endeavor. 

Enzaime provides a personal website for doctors. Besides many other features a doctor can write here. For that purpose, we have installed a blog section so that a doctor can write. They can write about the condition that they have expertise on. 

For example, every doctor should write on COVID-19 now. When a doctor tweets something from his account, naturally it will get much attention from the people than that of a person who is a programmer.

Imagine if a doctor publishes a blog detailing all the available information on COVID-19, dos and don’ts, what to do to prepare, what to do when someone is infected, it will have significant attention and people will take this as an expert opinion. 

Doctors can upload video and share them using social media like Twitter and Facebook etc also. Moreover, Enzaime provides social media marketing and SEO for the clients on demand.

It is not just information that people are after. People need accurate and reliable information which is beneficial for all.

It is not just information that people are after. People need accurate and reliable information which is beneficial for all. If information is a Molotov then information from experts are like a nuclear bomb. Its impacts are beyond imagination.

Informative blogs establish authority, trustworthiness and reliability, the three most important criteria that people search for when choosing a doctor. And having online presence is the key to that. You give something, people with respond by giving back. This is nature. This is the way the world works. 

When most of the countries of the world are going to shut down, the risk for the general public, the patients who are or not infected by COVID-19 but can’t go see a doctor because of the low surge capacity of the hospitals can be benefited through doctor’s websites. 

They can make an appointment through the website and discuss the situation. Doctors can give their valuable advice to the patients and prescribe drugs. They can charge through an online payment system we have integrated into the website.

Enzaime is working day and night to integrate the video calling system which will enable our doctors to consult with the patients face to face virtually.

Educating people is a crucial part of the fight. Doctors can do that and Enzaime wants to facilitate that process. 

The world needs to fight hard. If Enzaime can make any contribution, no matter how small that is, we would be proud. After all, united we stand, divided we fall.

Enzaime believes, to win against coronavirus COVID-19, we must act together. That’s why Enzaime has Free package to enable doctors to start their virtual treatment & awareness activities from their personal website right now. 

Doctors can start with free package to amid the COVID-19 outbreak with our interactive web solutions.

Also, for our superheroes who will start this right now, will always get attractive offers & priority service if they wish to continue in future.  

To know more click here to contact Enzaime.

Enzaime is providing interactive doctor’s web solutions with premium themes, plugins & widgets.  Don’t miss the chance to ease your virtual presence. 

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