Enzaime Care Policy

1 Telemedicine consultation

  • Details of your medical history, examinations, x-rays, and tests may be discussed with other health professionals through the use of interactive video, audio, and telecommunication technology. A physical examination of you may take place as per the doctor’s advice & your consent. A Doctor’s assistant may start the session & later shift to the doctor as per the practitioner’s preference.
  • A physical examination of you may take place as per the doctor’s advice & your consent.
  • A Doctor’s assistant may start the session & later shift to the doctor as per the practitioner’s preference.

2Right of Personal Values

Request a copy of any rules or regulations that relate to the conduct of patients, as provided below.

  • Know your records and communications are confidential to the extent provided by law, and to expect privacy during medical treatment and care.
  • Participate in any consideration of ethical issues that arise in your or your family patient’s care.
  • Inquire of any relationship the clinic, or your physician, has with another health-care facility or educational institution, to the extent that the relationship relates to your or your family patient’s care.
  • Obtain the name and specialty of the physician or other health-care providers caring for your or your family patient’s care.
  • Have all reasonable requests responded to promptly and adequately within our listed doctor’s capacity. Please allow at least 24 hours for regular checkup appointments.

3Rights of Making Decisions about care

  • Receive sufficient information to give informed consent to treatment, to the extent provided by law, including an explanation of your condition or your patient’s, proposed treatments, and alternative therapies, with their respective benefits and risks.
  • Make decisions regarding your health care, including the decision to refuse or discontinue treatment, to the extent permitted by law.

4Right of Treatment

  • A proper assessment and management of pain and/or discomfort discussion with doctors.
  • Receive a prompt response from Enzaime Care for any appointment delay without patient consent without discrimination or delay based on personal or payment concerns previously discussed with the doctor.
  • Register complaints, seek solutions to problems with Enaime Care if you have any concerns regarding your care.

5Your Responsibilities as a Patient

By taking an active role in your health care, you can help your caregivers meet your needs as a patient or family member. That is why we ask that you and your family share with us certain responsibilities.

6As a Patient, We ask that you:

  • Provide accurate and complete information regarding your or your family health matters, medical conditions, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, and information regarding home/work/school that may impact your ability to follow the proposed treatment.
  • Follow the treatment plan developed by your selected Doctor. Express any concerns about your ability to comply with a proposed course of treatment. You are responsible for the outcomes if you refuse treatment or do not follow your care provider’s instructions.
  • Be considerate of patients, support team and their property. Abusive, threatening, or inappropriate language or behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Call us to reschedule or cancel an appointment that you are unable to keep, (a 24-hour notice when canceling or rescheduling is requested, patients who do not cancel or reschedule prior to appointed time will be considered a no-show & will not receive any reimbursement.
  • After canceling an appointment refund will be disbursed excluding service charges. It may take 48-72 hours to confirm the refund.
  • You consent that any dispute arriving from the telemedicine consult will be resolved in discussion with Enzaime Care authorities.
  • Provide a copy of any health care proxy, power of attorney, court order, or other legal document that may affect your decision-making ability or care from your selected doctor of Enzaime Care.
7Risks, Consequences & Benefits:

You consent to the information provided above. You have had the opportunity to ask questions about the information presented here with the Enzaime Care Support team, and the telemedicine consultation. All your questions have been answered, and you understand the information provided above.

8Monetization Policy

Patient will receive an itemized statement and a detailed explanation of your bill. For each consultation you will be charged an additional 3% on the consultation fees. E.g. If you opt for an appointment of a 1000Tk then you will be charged 1030Tk in total that means an extra 30Tk will be charged as Service Charge for using Enzaime Care. Your total payment will show the bill separately before your payment confirmation.

9Refund Policy( Chargeback )
  • 1. If a Transaction is an Invalid or Fraud Transaction, Bank may, with prior discussion with Enzaime (and without a request or demand from a Cardholder), Refuse to accept the Transaction; or
  • 2. If the Transaction has been processed, at any time within 30 days of the Transaction, charge that Transaction back to the Customer by debiting the Doctor’s Account or otherwise exercising its rights under the MEF.
  • 3. Here, Invalid or Fraud Transaction shall mean-
    • 3.1. The transaction and its records are illegal
    • 3.2. The particulars inserted in the order form are not identical with the actual particulars identifying the Cardholder;
    • 3.3. The Nominated Card is invalid at the time of transaction;
    • 3.4. The Nominated Card is listed on the Warning Bulletin issued to Authority;
    • 3.5. The Nominated Card was used without the consent of the Cardholder.
10Refunds / Refunds Policy for Customer
  • In the event of a Patient effecting a transaction by using a Payment Card, the client may request Enzaime for a refund if the the Doctor absent in the session without prior consent, within a period of Four (04) days from the actual Payment Date, then Enzaime shall be entitled to cancel authorization. Enzaime shall forthwith inform the Doctor of the same and shall debit or collect the payment from the Doctor's Account and make an intermediate credit to Payment Gateway Authorities Account in favor of the said Patient.
  • If Patient cancels an appointment before 24 hours of the scheduled time, refund will be granted excluding the service charges & the rest of the amount will be transferred to Patient’s Account via intermediate credit to Payment Gateway Authorities Account.