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Reseller Terms and Conditions

At Enzaime you can be a reselling partner and start selling websites in no time. We will provide you websites at discounted rates than retail prices. Enzaime is a fully hosted Healthcare focused website creation solution provider. Our Reseller partnership program offers special pricing and bulk purchase offers to those who want to offer their services without carrying infrastructure and operating cost.

Our goal is to create a strong community with web developers from all around the world, who create and modify websites as per client’s demand.

How does Reseller Partnership Program work?

As a reseller, you will be a part of Enzaim’s business community. You will get all our features and services at a lower price when compared to the retail price of the product. Further things are related with your skill of canvassing clients because you can resell the service for any amount. This means if you have good skills to attract customers and know the current market you can become a reseller. With our resources and your expertise, you can earn huge from reselling.

How Much Money Can I Make by Becoming a Reseller Partner?

It will depend on how many websites in which package you are purchasing from us. There is no exact limit in the amount you can earn each month. Your skills, delicacy and effort to create your customer base will increase the chances of making more money.

Example of How Does The Program Work?

For example, Let’s say you purchase a bundle of premium websites from us which is retailed for $139. You will have a discount on your purchase ( depending on the packages). After purchase, you will be able to modify the websites as per your customer’s demand and resell it with a profit margin you want.

How Quickly Can I Get Started?

It depends on how fast you communicate with us. Our application form will only take a couple of minutes to complete and our team will communicate with you shortly.

How Do I Purchase as a Reseller Partner?

All of Enzaime’s payments are made via PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, please sign up for one first. It usually takes a few days for them to verify your information. You also need to make sure your payment procedure and PayPal email address are correctly entered within your Enzaime reseller account. After a successful purchase, you will receive notifications from us to let you know that a purchase has taken place.

Which Special Features I am getting as a Reseller Partner?

Enzaime is offering so many different features that you can see from our feature page . See Features 

It includes full access to Admin Panel, Premium plugin usability, Technical & website maintenance related dedicated support from Enzaime support team.

Can I Earn More If I Purchase a Large Bundle and in Top Packages?

Of course!  We are offering special discount rates on large bundle website purchases and Upper-level package purchases. 

Get connected with us to grab the special reseller deals. 

Can I use the name Enzaime in my promotional activities?

We suggest not to advertise Enzaime brand-related keywords such as “Enzaime”. However, you can use recommended terms like “Doctor Website”, “Online Patient Appointment”, “WordPress Doctor Website”, “Wordpress Drag & Drop Site Builder” and all other features and services.

An Idea to Raise Yourself

The great thing about resellers is you can be as creative as you like. You don’t have to think of separate purchases or calculate the long list of subscription prices for different products. You can get stress free maintenance and instant support too.

Most web developers face the issue of maintaining both world responsibilities where you have to search for clients and also purchase separate products from separate providers. By becoming Enzaim’s Partner your half work is done.    

With your inner skills and creativity, you just have to modify our already created website structure. You can canvas your works and engage more clients for your own and build a strong community in no time. You will not only get satisfied customers with the unique interface but satisfied customers with after service too. Because all the facilities Enzaime is providing will be a part of your provided services also. 


Enzaime reserves the right to change the offers and prices, suspend accounts, and/or terminate any deal without notice. This may be due to one or several of the following reasons:

1)    providing false and/or misleading information about purchase amount

2)    Unable to pay within the time for purchases.

3)    Running paid search engine marketing campaigns (i.e. AdWords) on Enzaime brand-related keywords mentioned above

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