Challenges that Doctors and Patients are Facing for Online Medical Treatment and Its Solutions

Online Medical Treatment

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To amid the online medical treatment challenges Enzaime works to Bring the Right Solutions

Doctors and patients both are experiencing the challenge of modern age technology we know as the Internet. This Internet makes everything related to healthcare easier than before but still, there are some confusion among the users about this online medical treatment facilities.

Diseases and health-related issues never stop rising and more and more people are reporting about not getting proper healthcare. Online medical treatment is the only way to sort out the challenges between doctors and patients. And we have to do it as soon as possible. 

Let’s Try to Reduce the distance between Doctors and Patients on the internet with Expert Solution from Enzaime

Challenges between a doctor and patient that are created in this era of internet are not something personal or professional. These are some of the confusion which is created because of adopting a new system.

Some of the Challenges to be highlighted are:

  • Line of Responsibilities  Among Doctor and Patient
  • Treatment and Payment Facility Clarification
  • Argument Over Data Privacy and Open Information
  • Information Overload and Confusion about Which One to Belive
  • Impact of Rating and Review on Doctors and Patients Relation
  • Right of Patients and Doctor over Provided Medical Services

In this blog, we will try to discuss these challenges and Its probable solutions to doctor-patient relationships in the age of internet.  

1.  Line of Responsibilities  Among Doctor and Patient

Doctors were the only source of trusted and appropriate information on traditional treatment system. Help-seeking patients went to doctors for diagnosis and treatment. But nowadays patients seek information allover the internet and search for probable solutions and treatments.  

Information that floats on the internet doesn’t always come with the expertise of a doctor. So the online medical treatment and solutions may cure someone else but might not work for everyone who reads it. The main challenge that rises here is, sometimes patients argue on reference solutions they got from internet and think that are the only ways of treatment.

More than one-third of adult patients searched the internet for information on their problem before attending the emergency department; almost half regularly searched for such information.

The Medical Journal of Australia

To sort this issue and make patients aware of their responsibilities and highlight doctor’s specialties deliberately intranet can help perfectly. Creating a doctor’s personal website can solve this issue for good. A medical website can showcase all the responsibilities of a doctor that he or she will provide and also the personal care related things a patient should follow. Professional health-related web builder Enzaime creates a doctor’s personal website with the facility to highlight all the information a doctor needs to highlight on their personal website.

2.  Treatment and Payment Facility Clarification

With the expansion of the internet, people now learned about lot of things that they didn’t know before. Sick and solution-seeking people dig deeper on the internet and in most cases irrelevant or exceptional case studies make them confused about the real treatment process. 

Just as an example, a patient from an underdeveloped country searched for specific treatment and doctors from all over the world and saw that there are astonishing treatments available in first world countries. If this patient goes to a local medical practitioner and demands an equal level of facilities than it will not be relevant. The same logic works for the payment system too. Fees of any specific treatment can differ for so many reasons. Comparing them with one another creates more confusion among patients.  

Providing authenticated treatment detail and pricing over a doctor’s website can solve this challenge. Healthcare web specialist Enzaime ensures features that specify the information that doctors and patients are looking for.

Enzaime’s website has google location integration so that local patients can search for doctors in their near places. Our website themes are designed with facilities to focus on treatment, expertise, and pricing with attractive texts, images, and videos that help patients to choose the doctor instantly. Benefits of doctors are they find the perfect platform to visualize their vision for all the people.

3.  Argument Over Data Privacy and Open Information

One of the prime concerns of the internet era is data privacy. Patients and doctors are equally worried about it. A doctor’s valuable research, sensitive case studies, blogs and other valuable information are stocked on internet. As most of the doctors depend on third party websites for that, chance of data theft remains from there. These data can be tempered and misused even can be stolen if the protection over internet is not strong enough. 

81% of the public say that the potential risks they face because of data collection by companies outweigh the benefits

PEW Research Center

Patient’s are equally concerned about data security. As their detailed information is also on the internet. Some of the health organizations need detailed information about patients’ disease and previous treatment information. These are personal and private information. So patients have the right to ask about data security also.

This challenge is alarming and needs to be sorted out with special care. Doctors must select authenticated websites as a platform to upload their valuable data and service-related information. Patients also have to select platforms that use reliable security services. With HIPPA and SSL compliance Enzaime provides a fully secured website to each doctor who creates personal websites with us.

To protect and secure all the doctor and patient data Enzaime brings security features like Two-factor authentication, Sucuri security and performance check, link monitoring, vulnerability updates, and lots more.

5. Impact of Rating and Review on Doctors and Patients Relation

All of the service takers normally use the internet as a platform to share their thoughts on the overall facility. When a help seeker searches for a new treatment or doctor often they rely on previous patient reviews, doctor’s performance ratings and success stories shared by the patients.

Unfortunately satisfied patients do not always bother to give their review upon the service of a doctor where a dissatisfied patient posts a complaint for sure.

In most cases, the negative review came for things that are not exactly related to the treatment. Separate review sites are available on intrenet and people check that out as most of the doctor’s personal websites don’t have these facilities yet.

If this review and rating facility gets included in a doctor’s personal website then patients can easily go through it and make instant decisions about specific doctors to get treatment. Doctors will have the option to clarify if there is any misunderstanding and complaints against them arise by any patient.

Enzaimes designed websites have review and rating options that provide the freedom to share personal thoughts about overall service just with a click.

6.  Rights of Patients and Doctors over Provided Medical Services

Every patient becomes a doctor’s responsibility as they are the hero who helps everyone to live a peaceful and healthy life. In the traditional system, doctors check patients after appointments and provide necessary solutions for them. If needed patients go for a revisit after some time.

But as the internet now stays with everyone all the time. Every help seeker wished to stay in touch with professional medical practitioners. But those doctors also have to provide support to so many different people all day long. So a clear service detail can make this confusion clear.

Services, like notifying patients about their appointment, providing their online payment copy via email, emergency chat support, can also be included in patient’s rights as per the demand of the doctor.

A professional medical website of a doctor can integrate all of them. Enzaime’s created websites have all of these features with more customized ones that doctors can modify and use as patient service.

The world is going through huge changes because of the internet and technological advancement. But as humans always evolve with new things so the healthcare sector has to evolve its structure with digitalization. The first step of this digitalization has to be providing health care related services to patients by online medical treatment Without a personal doctor’s website, this service can never meet the satisfactory level of the patients.    

As a doctor if you get the main challenges and wish to sort them out or if you have any queries about creating a personal website, feel free to contact us. Enzaime is always here to provide you the support you want. 

Enzaime is providing interactive doctor’s web solutions with premium themes, plugins & widgets.  Don’t miss the chance to ease your virtual presence. 

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