Make Your Medical Practice Website More Secure and Efficient With Premium Features of ManageWP

Medical Practice website with Managewp

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Why Doctors Need ManageWP on Their Medical Practice Website?

Efficiency and security are the two most essential elements for any medical practice websites. But managing both of these regularly is not an easy task. Especially for a doctor who has to concentrate on so many other works also.  

That’s why Enzaime thinks for a solution with which doctors can maintain their efficient doctor websites easily. And also get the security they need to keep their high-performance doctor website on the top of the list.

ManageWP features are designed with the purpose to protect your medical practice website and make it more efficient than ever. Currently, they are offering some highly effective solutions that can make your high-performance doctor website even better.

Features You Will Receive from Managewp for Efficiency and Safety in Enzaime’s Medical Practice Websites 

1. Protect Your Website Data with Advanced Backup Management

To create a secured doctor website you have to think about your data backup management. If for any reason your medical practice website crashes or an update fails, the updated backup file from ManageWP will help you to restore the website with a single click. Exclusive features of ManageWP like on-demand backup, EU/ US backup, Download backup to the computer are also available in Enzaime’s Paid Packages.

2. Protect Your Website from all Vulnerabilities by One-Click Security Scan

Vulnerabilities can happen to a medical practice website for various reasons. Infected by malware or getting blacklisted are some of them. With managewp, one-click scan feature you can stay vigilant, protective and informed about all the vulnerabilities. For ensuring a secured doctor website to all of our paid clients, Enzaime includes the above features from managewp with their special features like 24/7 observation, notify you about website vulnerabilities via Email or Slack and much more.

3. Check Your Website Performance for better efficiency

A performance check on your medical practice website is essential. Because to establish a high-performance doctor website first you have to make an efficient doctor website. Slow and low performance can damage the business of your medical practice website. To prevent this from happening, ManageWP brings the feature called performance check. With this, you can check your website performance, provide you the detail on problems it sorts out, factors that are affecting your website, and much more. Enzaime facilitates doctors who are using their paid packages with this facility to assure an efficient doctor website.  

4. Monitor and Track Google Analytics from Your Dashboard

Analyzing your medical practice website performance regularly will help you to grow higher on performance. Features of google analytics have these features by which you can find how many visitors visit your website, when they visit it, their location, used device and much more. But to see all of the results from one interface is a bit difficult for an analyzer. ManageWP creates the solution by implementing google analytics in their dashboard. By using this feature now you can upgrade your medical practice website to a highly efficient doctor website.   

Providing you a secured doctor website is Enzaime’s initial target and making it an efficient one is our professional priority.

5. Ensure Advance Security to Your Account with Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication makes your medical practice website more secure than ever. By the collaborated effort of  Google Authenticator and ManageWP, you can authenticate your ManageWP dashboard account. All you have to do is install the Google Authenticator App, sync it with your dashboard. Now to sign in to your ManageWP account a passcode will be generated on mobile. Enzaime website owners can enjoy two-factor authentication as this feature is included in it’s paid packages.  

6. Stay Updated with Option to Roll Back If Something Goes Wrong

An efficient doctor website needs to be updated regularly to increase its performance even further. But to maintain an efficient medical website you have to use safe updates. Because if your site gets a 4xx-5xx HTTP response you might wish to roll back the update instantly.

ManageWP will provide an automatic rollback feature to your medical practice website so that it remains stable. Other ManageWP exclusive features that every high-performance doctor website must include are already packed in Enzaime’s plans. That includes creating a restore point for rollback, option to compare before and after conditions of your website to decide which version you would like to keep and more. 

7.  Find SEO Ranking Reports on Keywords and Opponent Websites

High-performance doctor websites follow one rule strictly and that is continuous SEO monitoring and updating. Keywords you are using on your medical practice website can change position in the worldwide rankings. Thanks to ManageWP for creating the tool where you can find, monitor and record all of your keywords. To build your site as an Efficient doctor website Enzaime designs all of its paid packages with this feature. The feature list doesn’t end here with this SEO tool from ManageWP you track your ranking anytime, know about similar service providers and more. 

8.   Get Notification if Your Website Goes Down for Any Reason

One of the basic elements you have to ensure for your medical practice website is, it always remains online. To make people believe that your site is a high-performance doctor website, a monitoring facility is needed to check your website continuously. So that even if your website goes down for any reason, this facility can notify you instantly.

Managewp’s uptime monitor will bring this facility to every website that uses their plugin. Enzaime also includes this feature from ManageWP , so that if any glitch occurs in your medical practice website you get instant notification and arrange the solution before anyone even notice it.  

9.   Detect All the Broken Links of Your Website from Dashboard 

Managing broken links is a real hassle for medical practice website owners. Unresponsive or broken links can become hazardous for new or already efficient doctor websites. Poor user experience, loss of patient trust, and revenue can also happen because of the broken link issue.

Link monitor feature from Managewp not only detects the broken links, but it also gives an overview of link URLs, Link text, which contains the link belongs to and more. By using this feature you can detect and sort out the broken links from your dashboard instantly.

Codeinwp creates a comparison chart where we can see managewp is a clear winner against its competitors

If you wish to know more elaborately about ManageWP features, Click here to see all of their features.

Now if you are thinking about how to integrate all of these features from ManageWP to your Enzaime medical practice website, then stop thinking about it. All of our premium plans include ManageWP features for you.

If you are interested to know how ManageWP or any other premium plugins work in Enzaime created websites check our User guidelines.

Enzaime is providing interactive doctor’s web solutions with premium themes, plugins & widgets.  Don’t miss the chance to ease your virtual presence. 

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