Give your medical practice website a unique look every time with HappyAddons creative touch

Medical Practice Website Unique with Happyaddons Creative Touch

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Enzaime’s built-in plugin HappyAddons powered you to Scale up your medical practice website

The external look is not everything, especially for a medical practice website that’s absolutely true. But when a help seeker lands on the home page of any doctor website they need a sign of credibility to stay there for long. Enzaime always brings the ultimate solutions to empower your medical website.

A study of Tandfonline publishes a result about the first impression of a website that might shock you.

You have 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression!

Creating a standard and effective doctor website for once is simpler than to maintain it that way for long. Just as doctors continuously upgrade their knowledge about new medications and treatments to stay up to date, the same thing they have to do on their medical practice website.

Extend Your Power of Visualization to Give Your Doctor Website the Desired Outlook with HappyAddons

Creating unique and updated content is the prime task of every medical practice website. But modifying its outlook with the choice of web audiences is also important. With the vision to fulfill that demand healthcare web specialist organization Enzaime includes premium elementor widget plugin HappyAddons in their every paid package.

HappyAddons designed a lot of premium features that you can use over the elementor plugin. These features will help you to design your doctor’s website just as you wish. Now you will be able to redesign your medical practice website and give it a brand new look every time.  

Give Your Enzaime Website the Desired Look with Exclusive Features of HappyAddons

Improving user experience always remains as the prime target for doctor websites. 

First impressions about a website are 94% design-related.

Research Gate

Elementor is a powerful plugin that makes the website dashboard work way easier than before. HappyAddons is the exclusive plugin that can improve your experience upon elementor use. By compiling them together you will be able to create a user focused medical practice website on your own.  

Let’s try to find out how exactly HappyAddons can improve your medical practice website from the points discussed below:  

1. Explore The Collection of Preset Design and Choose a Perfect One for Your Doctor Website

HappyAddons is offering more than 400 design presets available in their collection. Enzaime’s collaboration with them now gives you the opportunity to use these designs in your medical practice website. Whenever you purchase Enzaime’s offered paid package with HappyAddons Pro, this huge collection of preset designs will be unlocked for your doctor’s website.

2. Generate Limitless Sections from Elementor Page Builder to Give Your Work the Perfect Look

HappyAddons uplifted the issue of stock elementor single section and column creation. With HappyAddons nested sections facility, now you can create limitless sections on the existing single section of elementor page builder. All of Enzaime’s doctor websites have both elementor and Happyaddons included in their dashboard. So Enzaime’s paid package subscribers can enjoy this exclusive feature on their medical practice website. 

3. Get the Exact Look as Demo on Your Doctor Website with Live Section Copy Feature

Most of the complaints that occur about demo design are, they never look the same on a personal website. With HappyAddons Pro you can get the exact look. All you have to do is, copy the demo design from HappyAddons site and put it on your medical practice website using the live section copy feature. Enzaime’s paid clients can enjoy this facility without any hassle as HappyAddons is integrated on all doctor websites it designed. 

4. Design Custom Shaped Images to Give Your Doctor Website a Fresh Look Every Time

Either for better visibility or for a fresh look, custom shaped images are important for any doctor website. With HappyAddons now you will be able to convert your square-shaped image into different custom shapes. Enzaime’s paid package subscriber doctors can enjoy this feature every time they want.

5. Include Floating Effect Animation to Any Widget Anytime

With floating effects feature, HappyAddons users will be able to create stunning animations for every elementor widget anytime. This feature will add a whole new dimension of uniqueness to your medical practice website.

Bring Your Creative Web Designing Imaginations to life with Happy Elementor Addons – a complete package for every level of users.

HappyAddons Team
6. Translate, Rotate, Scale and Skew Website Widgets Without Any Limit

CSS Transform is another incredible feature of HappyAddons that can be counted as an enhancement over the core elementor base. You will be able to translate, rotate, scale and skew elementor widgets without any limitation. Enzaime is offering this astonishing feature to it’s paid subscribers so that they can push their doctor’s website to an advanced level.

7. Add Background Overlay in Any Widget to Give it Your Personal Touch

HappyAddons facilitates its users with the opportunity to add background overlay in any elementor widgets. Enzaime website owners will get the same opportunity where you will be able to add an overlay color or image on any elementor widgets anytime.

8. Choose Appropriate Line Icons for Your Doctor Website and Make a Difference in its Design

Stock elementor provides a limited number of icons that might be enough for ordinary types of websites. But Enzaime’s vision is to create medical practice websites that are more than ordinary. So to design extraordinary doctor websites they include all features of HappyAddons in their paid packages. Line icon is one of them. With this feature, you will get the opportunity to choose the best possible line icons from the huge collection of 500+ line icons created by HappyAddons. 

9. Manage Column Order to Make Your Medical Practice Website More Responsive on Mobile Devices

Elementor page builder offers so many promising features for its users but unfortunately, managing column order on mobile responsive mood is not available there right now. As medical practice websites can have several columns on its web pages, managing them properly is very crucial. Happyaddons covers this facility too. With this feature, you will be able to manage the order of every column as per your needs.

10. Put Important Hyperlinks In Any Column, Section & Wights to Create More Engaging Pages on Your Doctor Website

One of the limitations of the stock elementor is the restriction on including hyperlinks wherever you need. To create a highly engaging page on a medical practice website you always have to include hyperlinks in different segments of it. HappyAddons introduce wrapper link option which will help you to put hyperlinks in any column, section & widgets. 

HappyAddons is featuring all of these premium facilities and more for its users. You will get 25+ feature-rich elementor widgets in basic and 20+ elegant widgets in the pro version of HappyAddons. Enzaime is compiling them all in it’s web solution packages for you. To learn more about HappyAddons widgets click here.

Now If you are interested in building a medical practice website and wish to know how all of the plugins work on Enzaime created doctor websites check our User guidelines. Feel free to ask, if you have any inquiries about this feature or overall website creation by clicking contact us.  We are here to provide you all the support to create and maintain a unique and efficient doctor website. 

Enzaime is providing interactive doctor’s web solutions with premium themes, plugins & widgets.  Don’t miss the chance to ease your virtual presence. 

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