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Integrated web solutions of Enzaime facilitate your medical website for better SEO output.

No matter what your website is all about, the golden rule is, if you have a website, then SEO is a must. No SEO, No presence on the search result page. Plain and Simple. Therefore, it is also true for the healthcare service website. SEO not only draws more traffic to a Doctor’s website but confirms potential business growth. The goal of proper SEO is to ensure your doctor’s website becomes one of the top names in every organic search.

Importance of becoming a top-ranked website can be realized by the report of HubSpot, where they say,

75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results

Search engine optimization or SEO has some techniques that can increase your chance to get found in organic searches. All you have to do is follow some simple steps. Let’s have a look at the techniques you can follow for SEO.

Create a Responsive Website for better SEO 

The choice of users on internet supported devices gets changed in recent years. Now people use PCs as well as mobile or other handheld devices for browsing. Thought of a responsive website is relatively new. But it has become indispensable for proper search engine optimization these days.

Mobiforge study shows how important it is for websites today,  

80% of top Alexa websites are mobile responsive.

Enzaime offers WordPress based premium custom themes to you that is already built-in mobile responsive. Whenever you need more customization or updates, a chance of error in responsiveness may occur. But Enzaime’s dedicated support team will stay in touch with you to ensure your website runs smoothly on all devices.

Develop a Better Sitemap for Your Website

Search engines like google read sitemaps when they crawl any website. To get a better rank and be at the top of their list there is no alternative of creating a perfect one.

You have to create and place the sitemap in a location where it’s easily found. Including URLs, adding important pages, creating a separate list for the multimedia portion are some of the initial facts you can follow.

WordPress based custom sites have the option to create a search engine friendly sitemap. Enzaime’s premium themes bring a better sitemap service for all of its beloved customers. Even when you need a modified sitemap, Enzaime’s developer team will create it for you.

Write Your Blogs in a Way That Helps Web Audience and Expand Your Presence

Make sure your website has potential blogs that can help visitors to collect information and solutions about their health-related issues. When these audiences get convinced enough by your blogs they can become your future patients.

Resourceful blogs are one of the most important elements of proper SEO. It helps your website for organic search.

Mediapost‘s data show us the better view-

Organic Search Drives 51% Of Traffic

Now the question arises, Which topic should you choose for an SEO friendly blog? The answer is, something unique! A document that exhibits your expertise, provides a suggestive solution of any health issue for help seekers.

Creating and publishing a blog is only the first step for better SEO. You have to update and upgrade the content regularly so that it always remains in trend. If you think all these things will kill too much of your precious time then Enzaime can help you with that.

Our content and SEO specialized team will provide you support to create blogs as per your demand. All you have to do is share your thoughts and relevant information with us and the rest will be done by our professionals.

Let Your Custom Content Build The Trustworthiness Among Patients

When a help seeker lands on your website they will scan the overall look first. If your contents look unique and user-friendly automatic trustworthiness will grow in their mind.

Better content creation impacts SEO and we can see that from a report generated by Marketing profs,

72% of marketers say content creation is one of the most effective SEO tactics.

Creative and custom content is appreciated by search engine algorithms also. Unique contents of a Doctor’s website can boost its rank to upper place in little time.  

WordPress based custom websites provide the opportunity to build your website uniquely but Enzaime is offering even more. From background images to crisp headlines, Attractive text content to multimedia content everything can be modified with your concept and collaborated effort of Enzaime team whenever you need it.  

Restore and Replace Broken Links on Your Web Page

Just like a well-tuned automobile your website needs to be maintained perfectly. Search engines often look for errors in websites to make sure that their preferred sites are worth it.

Part of maintaining your website is to ensure there aren’t any broken links. If somehow any link of a website gets broken and nobody restores it, usually search engines estimate that site has no maintenance facility. Therefore they mark the site as irrelevant for all organic searches.

So you have to make sure your doctor’s site doesn’t contain any broken links. It’s a little hazardous for healthcare personnel to continuously maintain their website and fix the broken links. That’s why Enzaime facilitates all of its clients with the support to detect and repair broken links of their website as soon as possible with industry-leading plugins for automatic notification.

Focus on the “Title Tags” and “Meta Descriptions”

Only enriching website page content will not bring the search rank you desired. You have to focus on Title Tags and Meta descriptions for proper optimization. They have to be eye-catchy and to the point at the same time.

Databox provides a suggestive opinion on this topic,

Blog post title can be any length you wish, whereas a meta description only has 60 characters.

Another rule about creating title tag and meta description is, they have to be within a certain character limit. If the title tag or meta description gets too long or provides irrelevant information your website will rank down automatically.

Customizing your thoughts with a professional touch can create the perfect SEO for your website. Enzaime creative team brings their dedicated support to all the doctors who with proper title tags and meta descriptions use their paid packages.

Make Sure All of Your Website Images Have Accurate “Alt Tag”

Proper visualization can attract more people in a shorter time than other content. Adding Images and other multimedia files can draw more traffic to your website and works for your SEO as well. claims that,

Articles with images get 94% more total views

But only uploading random images and multimedia files will not work for SEO. Your image and multimedia files have to be designed better than others.  And most of all you have to make sure that all these files have accurate alt tags.

Alt tag is a short description of the image or video you publish on your website. On the basis of your alt tag, the search engine decides how relevant this information is. Improper or wrong alt tags can downgrade your website in search rank drastically.

To get your images and videos created or modified properly Enzaime technical team will support you in every step. Generating attractive and SEO friendly Alt tag is also included in that service. You just have to provide the raw content and the rest will be done by them.  

Create and Explore Strategies for All Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms help a doctor’s website to trigger its visibility. With social media sharing, you will get instant feedback from your audience. Exclusive content will have more views and shares when they get published in your social media handles. All of these will help your website to get better SEO.

Different social media platforms have separate promotional strategies. You have to modify your content differently for each social media platform for better output.

If you think you need to concentrate on your work only and someone else should take care of your social media activities, then just contact Enzaime and they will do the rest for you. Enzaime’s clients can add this facility to their services also where Its support team handles your social media sharings.

Designing and implementing an SEO strategy for a doctor’s website is inevitable.  It needs your effort and time also. To follow all the above-discussed points and other SEO related things you need to concentrate on SEO. Either you can do all these things by yourself or you can enjoy the facilities of professionals with a minimum monthly subscription fee.

Now it’s time for you to choose the better option and make your personal medicare website in the top-ranked website of the internet universe.

Enzaime is providing interactive doctor’s web solutions with premium themes, plugins & widgets.  Don’t miss the chance to ease your virtual presence. 

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