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Website Elements

WordPress Premium Customized Themes

Strengthen your online reputation with WordPress. Enzaime offers custom tailored premium themes for your websites. Revolutionize your website with custom themes and unique contents that add Quality, Uniqueness, Functionality, Security to your existing or new website which leave you completely tension free.

Wordpress Theme
Drag & Drop web builder

Drag & Drop
Website Builders

We know you are not a coder and you don’t have to because that is not your job. We have  added Premium Page Builder plugin which requires no code at all to use . We repeat No code at all! Just drag the functionality or feature you want to add to your website, then drop and voila! It’s done! 

We assure you it is really that simple.

Responsive Design

Statistics tells us that more than 60% users are mobile internet user. So, having a mobile friendly website is something only a professional can do. Enzaime feels that too. That is why we made all websites Responsive. for all devices. It will tailor its contents to the device accordingly, automatically & will give your patients a smooth experience.

Responsive web Design
Premium wordpress Plugin & Widgets

Premium Plugins & Widget

To make the whole designing process a lot more easier Enzaime provides some of industries most popular plugins and widgets for its clients. Namely, Elementor, Bookely, WeForms, HappyAddons etc.


App Administrator

Work on your website contents whenever a new idea comes to your mind. Enzaime’s App Manager gives

you the ultimate authority to create, edit and publish any of your content from personal computer as well as via Android or IOS operated mobile app.

manage wordpress website through app

Free Domain Registration

Get your free domain. Expand your practice.
We want you to succeed in your practice. That is why we offer top-level domain for your website with any of our paid plans for free.

Free Domain Registration
Secured Data
Secured Data Management

Secured Data Management

Protecting doctor’s data and their interacting patients is the first priority of Enzaime. We use the most advanced security platform and tools to ensure just that. Backed up by tech giants like Amazon and expert partners like weDevs, we are providing security facilities such as Secured hosting, HIPAA Compliant Data Server, SSL Certificate as base features. Advanced features like  Two Factor Authentication, Sucuri Security and Performance Check, Link Monitoring, Vulnerability Updates and lots more have been implemented in our system.

Backup Management

Preserving your precious data is essential. Enzaime’s backup management system ensures you reliable Cloud Based Backup facility along with an Uptime Monitoring System to get notified if your site goes down, Automated Restore Point makes your websites updates process safer than ever. 

Secured backup for Doctor website
Patient Engagement

Online Patient Appointment

Enzaime has integrated an Online Appointment System with all its sites. This facility integrated with Google Calendar so that doctors can keep track of all their appointments without any difficulties. Patients will be benefited with this feature as they can now set their meeting with doctors in their comfortable time. Enzaime includes Service Rating and Patient Review options for patients so that they can express their opinion with others by the website.

Online Patient Appointment
Online Payment Collection

Online Payment Collection

Online appointment requires online payment. With Enzaime, doctors are able to accept payment through secure channels with numerous payment gateways which will enable patients to have reliable and hassle-free transactions. Enzaime provides Doctor Website to assure the security and reliability of this system as it uses extremely sophisticated and encrypted data channels to facilitate the whole process.

SMS & E-mail Notification

Doctors who get the website from Enzaime can set in website to inform patient’s about their appointments or online payments with automated SMS & E-mail notification service. Online appointment taking helps the patients to get advance booking for their treatment and  Online Money transaction is also becoming a trend these days. But both security and transparency are required for these services with Real-Time Notification

E-mail & sms_notification
Customized Patient Forms
online patient form

Patient Form

Say no to all the form patients have to fill up on paper at the doctor’s chamber. Enzaime provides Customized Patient Form based on Doctor’s speciality. Patients will fill up a form about their conditions online on the doctor’s website which will save time significantly during the visit and make the whole process hassle-free & faster.

Tell Your Story

Social Media Management

Enzaime’s Social media management service will create your page and develop contents as per your demand on popular social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Quora and more. Our Gallery Plugin will provide you the ultimate access to share different files in social media. 

A good promotional strategy will enable you to highlight your expertise and let the help seekers find the exact information you want them to provide & Get in touch with You.

Social Media Management
SEO for Doctor Website

Built- In Search Console

Enzaime websites have Built-In SEO facilities that assists our clients to create an enhanced presence on the virtual world. 

With this Service, you can track your Keywords Ranking Changes, know about similar facility providers and most of all patients will be able to find you by your name, practice name and provided services on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more.

Web Analytics

Web Insights Report

Evaluate your virtual performance with Weekly or Monthly Reports generated by Enzaime in collaboration with Google Analytics. It will show you Website Traffic, Patients Demographics, SEO & Social Media reports and lot more.

Website Analytics

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