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Changing the Logo

  • Let us start at the header section where you can change your logo, menu etc. First, hover your mouse over the text where it says Edit with Elementor. Click on Dentada Header. You can also open it on a new tab if you like by right-clicking and selecting on Open link in new tab.
  • You will get a page like the image below:
  • Click on the logo that is DENTADA. Upon clicking, Content, Style and Advance will be active to work on. See the image below:
  • Click on the Choose Image. You will be prompt to upload your image. See the screen below:
  • Click Select Files and then select the logo image and then click Insert Media.

You can see what is being updated live on the right-hand side panel. Now click on Update which is a green background button on the bottom of the left-hand side panel. Now go to your site and see the changes.

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