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Changing Slider Texts and Images

  • Hover your mouse over the text at the top of the Homepage while logged in where it says Edit Page.
  • You will get a page like the image below:
  • Click on Edit with Elementor. You will get a window like below:
  • Right Click on the Slider image that is already there. Upon clicking, Content, Style and Advance will be active to work on. See the image below:
  • Click Edit Section. You will have Activated left panel like below:

Click on Style and you will have:

  • Click on the image and replace it with your desired one by uploading it. You can upload multiple image and make a slider or just a single image for your page. To make it a slider click on the right more option at the Background Type. See the screenshot below:

  • Click on the + sign and add image.  Infinite Loop is the option which will enable you to keep our slider active always. Duration is the time which a slider will stay on the screen.  Transition is the animation which the slider will act along. Try each one to see which one  you like.
  • Transition Duration (ms) is the time between two sliders.
  • Lest change the text on the slider. Click on any text you want to change. For example, GENERAL TREATMENT is selected. As you can see on the left panel GENERAL TREATMENT is also selected. Now you can change the text to whatever you desire. You can do this for any text on the page.

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