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  • To set up the appointment option on any page, you have to create a page first where you want to put your appointment form.
  • To create a page, log into your website. Go to the Dashboard. To do that, go to yoursite.com/wp-admin. For example, for this tutorial, we are using https://usdental.enzaime.com/wp-admin/ where https://usdental.enzaime.com is our website URL. Just add /wp-admin/ following your website URL. It will take you to the page just like below:
  • Hover your mouse over Pages. Click on Add New.
  • In Add title, write your post name which in this case can be Appointment.
  • Click on the + sign just beside Start writing or type / to choose a block, and click on Bookly-Booking form.

It will generate a short-code, [bookely-form]. Click on the blue Publish button on the top right corner of the page.

And this is it. You have successfully set up your appointment form. To see the change go to the page. You can find the page you have just created by going through the page section in the Dashboard.

Go to Dashboard->Pages->All pages. There you will find all the pages that your website have so far. Hover the mouse over the page you want to see (in this case it is Appointment), and click on View. You will see the page.

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