About Enzaime

Enzaime to build interactive web solutions for 

Medical practice website with Telemedicine, Online appointment, Payment & many more. 

Who We Are

Enzaime is a SAAS based digital healthcare platform, from the renowned software company weDevs. Enzaime provides a holistic approach to automation and patient empowerment. 

Enzaime facilitates an efficient way to create personal website for Doctors. Our leading concern has been successfully creating WordPress themes & premium plugins for 12 years. Our innovative and Talented team is proudly serving more than 1M clients worldwide through our different solutions.

Enzaime is offering a complete solution for Doctors to make their virtual existence based on their professional expertise. Enzaime ensures its standard by providing facilities like website design by expert developer team & integrated marketing solution facilities to reach their patients anywhere and anytime.

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Our Goal

We create Integrated Digital Solutions
to Enhance Healthcare

Our goal is to revolutionize the entire Digital health ecosystem around the world by bringing positive changes in perception of look at Internet-based health care. 

Presence in the virtual world is essential for Doctors in this digital era as it’s critical for their practice and reputation. Expertise and service of a doctor can save thousands of lives and building the bond between patients and doctors in the digital platform is our prime objective. 

Our Objective

  • Building the bridge between Doctor & Patient through relevant and sensible websites. 
  • Focuses on scrutinizing and understanding the requirements of Doctors, suggesting effective and affordable solutions.
  • Flourishing doctor’s portfolio in a whole new way. 
  • Initiating a New Level for doctor’s practice. 
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Our Vision

Serving patients is a noble work that every Doctor is performing. A proper website makes perfect sense, to highlight all the special services a Doctor is offering and exact locations of their presence. We want to accomplish the dream of millions who wish to locate they’re desired doctor from the Internet. 

Enzaime’s vision is offering the opportunity to the Doctors where their personal website will be on their own terms, in their own words and which will actualize their dream to serve people whenever wherever they wish to. 

Our Expertise

Enzaime is an interactive solution provider for physicians who prefer to build a unique digital presence. 

We have knowledge about the industry, the specialties, the terminologies and the dynamics of how a medical practice is run. Our leading brand has created its global footprint with highly appreciated WordPress plugins like appssero, weForms, Happy Addons and other exclusive products. We have 100K+ users and businesses using our solutions.

Enzaime expert team has deep knowledge in  landing page design and highly effective creative solutions. We know what works and what is necessary to create a stunning visual representation of your practice.

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