your health is our priority

Until You Get Well, After You Get Ill

We provide 360° health solution for you
by connecting doctors, diagnostic centers, pharma industries and hospitals.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to make healthcare accessible and affordable to anyone regardless of borders, wealth or literacy. And vision is to be the first aid for anyone in any medical condition.

Onestop health solution

We will find you a doctor, help you buy medicine from pharmacy, direct you to the diagnostics center and/or hospital and thus help you get well in the fastest and easiest way possible.

Big Data

We store patient health records, prescriptions data, doctor info, medicine info, hospitals info and many more in one place so as to make these data available whenever need be.

Integrated platform

We not only store data but make a common channel for the data to flow from one system to the other systems making a full-functioning software ecosystem.

Our Products

Enzaime focuses on six products that make it a 360° healthcare platform as these products cover all the stake holders of the health industry.

Patient Portal

Helps anyone know about their symptoms & diseases, find whereabouts of doctors and hospitals, make quick appointments with doctors, make electronic health records and many more.

Doctor Portal

Helps doctors manage appointments, chambers, make AI-based prescriptions, serve remote patients through video call and many more.

Diagnostics Management System

Creates automated diagnostic reports, store these centrally, deliver these online and many more.

Pharmacy Management System

Generates quick sales invoice, manage stocks online, manage chain pharmacies and many more.

Pharmaceutical Company Portal

Provides Data Analytics with processed pharmacy sales data, manages sales representatives and many more.

Hospital Management System

Manages patients, store their health records, manages stuffs, documents, assets, resources and many more.

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